Discover Algarve: Lagos

One of the most famous cities of Algarve.

Particularly speaking, it has the most beautiful beaches as well. Meia Praia, Batata Beach, Pinhão, Dona Ana, Students, Camilo, Pinheiros, Praia da Luz, etc. Side by side. Between ups and downs of the cliffs.

Ponta da Piedade is the best spot for great views. | Photo: André Ries

How to get to Lagos?

From Faro you can go by bus or train. In the first option, the ticket is €11.80 (round trip). In the second, € 14.60, but if you buy in advance of five days you can get cheaper.

When I visited Lagos for the first time, it was in September, and I went by train. Quick travel, passing through several towns and it lasted less then two hours. In the high season of summer, maybe a little longer because of the traffic of people between stations. Lagos’ train station is on the other side of the marina, where you can find Meia Praia Beach. You need to cross a bridge to get to the city center and the other beaches.

If you want some comfort then I recommend that you book a transfer through the Welcome Transfers company.

There are also options for car rental companies, so you can take the A22 (motorway) or the N125 (free national road).

Bring some good shoes. But do not forget your slippers, of course.

When you get there, prepare to walk a lot. There are several paths, stairs, small trails to reach the cliffs and beaches. But every moment is worth the effort. The landscapes are very beautiful, they look like paintings.

The tip is to carry in the backpack sunblocking, water bottles and something to eat, because at the beaches there are few options of bars and restaurants, and they are not so cheap.

Diving between the rocks at Estudante (Student) Beach. | Photo: Ninna Alves

Camilo Beach and Dona Ana Beach are the most popular. Some others, with small strips of sand, have fewer people and are good options for those who want to enjoy a more relaxing moment.

In the downtown of Lagos there are many restaurants, bars, parties and shops. It means that there is quite a lot to do at night as well. It is very pleasant to walk down the small streets and alleys. So my recommendation is that, if possible, stay one night at least to enjoy everything.

Best time to go and where to stay in Lagos?

The high season, of course, is during the summer, between the months of July and August. Obviously, these are the months that things are going to be more expensive then.

The tip is to try to catch the beginning of summer, May and June. Or the end, September and October. But to be honest, it doesn’t matter when you go, Lagos is incredible all year long!

There are a lot of options for accommodation. Five, four and three star hotels. Interesting hostels full of events and experiences. Guests houses also. And it is always worth trying a couchsurfing if you enjoy this type of experience.

You are going to enjoy it!

Don’t be scared. At some point you will think that you are in England. Or in France. Or in Spain. Well, you’ll be sure that you’re in Europe. There are people from everywhere and you will see portuguese people mainly at the commerce.

One of the things I like about Lagos is that the visit is not restricted to the beaches. The city center is also very cool to make a tour. Many events take place there and you may be lucky enough to pick one up when you are visiting it.

I still didn’t meet someone who came back from Lagos without a smile in the face.

What to do in Lagos?

Ponta da Piedade's lighthouse. | Photo: André Ries

Do not miss Ponta da Piedade, the highest point of the cliffs. I also suggest the boat tours which you can see the caves. Explore all the beaches, including Meia Praia and Praia da Luz. Walking through the city center and going out in the evening to drink one (or two) beer is also nice.

Below you can find the best sights in Lagos with good prices and buy in advance so you don’t get into queues.

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