Discover Algarve: Benagil, Lagoa

I was very anxious.

After almost three years living in Portugal, I had not visited one of the most famous places in the Algarve.

Benagil beach is one of the most photographed places in the country, especially because its incredible cave, which has actually been used in tourism campaigns by Portugal.

Algar de Benagil, Algarve | Foto:

We are going to get there.

Unfortunately, access by public transportation is a bit tricky. The reason is because both the bus and train stations are far from the coast, more precisely in the city of Lagoa, a distance around 8 and 9 kilometers.

There is a bus that takes you from Lagoa to Benagil, but its schedules are scarce and it doesn’t work during the weekends (!).

Algarve sometimes has these things.

The alternatives to explore this area are:

  • Split a taxi or Uber (between € 9 and € 13) from Lagoa downtown;
  • Rent a car or motorcycle at Faro Airport;
  • Book a transfer with Welcome Transfers.

The Benagil beach:

One thing is one thing. Another thing is another thing. The beach and the Algar of Benagil are two different things. The first is a regular beach with a strip of sand not too big and a incredible sea.

Its extension ends on both sides with the large walls of the cliffs. On the right side of those who are looking at the sea, it is possible to climb and walk among the rocks and get a very beautiful view “inside the ocean”.

Right at the entrance there is a coffee/restaurant and some booths where tickets can be purchased for boat tours or to rent stand-up paddle boards and kayaks. And that is how people get know the Algar of Benagil. 

You can only access by the ocean:

To have the privilege to see the cave, to be inside and to breathe that different air, it is necessary to face the cold water of the ocean.

Fortunately, it’s only 100 meters away.

My first suggestion is that, under no circumstances, skip the cave! The feeling there is unbelievable.

Second suggestion is to do this between 11am and 1pm, because that’s when the sun is very high and cuts into the cave. However, plan yourself to arrive early, otherwise you will have to wait. When I tried to rent the kayak, it was 11am and they were only available at 3pm.

Check here below a video I made of this adventure:

If you are already planning your trip and want to buy the tickets of the tours, which means no queues or the risk of being fully booked, I indicate the links below to make your life easier.

There is more!

This area of Algarve is incredibly special.

The Lagoa district, besides Benagil beach, has another two of the most incredible beaches in the Algarve: Marinha Beach, which has amazing rocks and cliffs and Carvoeiro Beach, which won in 2018 the award for Europe’s best beach destination.

Praia da Marinha, Lagoa, Algarve. | Foto: André Ries

As soon as possible we are going to have posts for it.

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